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Service Dog Census Project Overview
The Service Dog Census Project aims to provide an accurate and detailed count of all Service and Assistance Dogs in use in the United States. This census information, once complete, can be used by organizations such as state departments of agriculture, the United States Department of Justice, service dog training organizations, universities, other service dog advocacy groups and disaster relief organizations. One of the main purposes of this Project was to assist with the PETS Act of 2006. The Service Dog Census Project can also function as a Service Dog advocacy tool to help spread awareness for Service Dogs and their owners. The data that the Service Dog Census Project will share is on an aggregate level only, meaning only general statistical information is provided. Personal information is stored securely and never shared with anyone. Once the Census is complete we will issue a formal report.

University Data Analysis
The Census is currently looking for a university (or several) to assist with analyzing the incoming data as a class project. We are also looking for organizations and companies to help us shape the Census into something that will be more useful for themselves and the Service Dog community. Please contact us with serious inquiries.

Data Compilation Methods
The purpose of the Census is to determine the overall population of Service Dogs and the details of how they help their owners, what degree of training they have received and more. The Census is designed to be an organic survey which will be modified as time goes on and new information is gathered. We offer the ability to have questions added to the Census as well as the staging of sub-surveys to analyze niche concerns from time to time. Please contact us if your organization or company would like add questions to the Census. Data will be compiled online on secure servers using the latest data encryption technology in order to honor every reasonable expectation of privacy.

Our Responsibility and Conduct
Our mission is to create a powerful tool for Service Dog advocacy which may be used to benefit all handlers, regardless of ability. At the core of that is our deep commitment to do the right thing in all aspects of our business including how we treat the environment, our customers and the Service Dog community as a whole. Our intention is to create a friendly and open Registry and Census.

Participants's Responsibility and Conduct
We expect and hope that you will use this Census as intended and in a responsible and respectful manner. Including animals that do not qualify under the United States Department of Justice's Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will result in immediate expulsion from the Census. Please visit for more information if you need clarification. The Census is not intended to be a certification process and we do not judge the proficiency of our registrants in any way. The Census, as do all surveys, work on the honor system. Of course, data will be cleaned of obvious errors before being analyzed. In addition, we can not be responsible or liable for the actions of dog owners or their dogs either online or offline.



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