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What is the Census Project? Why should you register? Who may participate?
The goal of the Service Dog Census Project is to compile the most complete and comprehensive count of Service Dogs in the United States. Participation is free and confidential.

The Census Project is on hold
Currently, the Service Dog Census project is on hold while we search for a new funding source. The Census model was designed to be funded in part by the United States Service Dog Registry. While the Registry provides a much needed service to individuals, we felt that attaching the Census to it may theoretically skew the statistical results of this project over the course of its first two-year phase.

The United States Service Dog Registry continues their mission and those who have registered will still be able verify their Service Dog registration free online. Of course, all information the census has collected thus far will remain secure and will be counted when this project resumes. We are currently looking for federal and private grants to continue this vital project.

What is the Census Project?
The Service Dog Census Project is a nationwide, independently driven count of Service Dogs and their owners. This census information, once complete, can be used by organizations such as state departments of agriculture, the United States Department of Justice, service dog training organizations, universities, other service dog advocacy groups and disaster relief organizations. The data that the Service Dog Census Project will share is on an aggregate level only, meaning only general statistical information is provided. Personal information is stored securely and never shared with anyone. Data collection is handled on the secure servers at the United States Service Dog Registry. And of course, registration is conducted in the only fair way possible: free.

It is our intention to function as just another spoke in the wheel of the movement to help all Service and Assistance dogs. When this project is completed at the end of 2009 we will publish a report on our findings. If there is enough interest in this project we may continue it and produce reports bi-annually.

Be sure to visit out Media & Press Center for detailed up-to-date information.

Why should you participate?

Be counted. participating in the Census will help provide a more complete picture of how many Service Dogs are in use, where they are in use, what types of conditions they help with and more. We believe that objective data can be used in a variety of ways to help promote acceptance of all different types of Service Dogs in the community. The information you provide can help not only you but also other Service Dog handlers everywhere. It only takes a few minutes of your time.

Registering can help in many ways including:

  • Increase acceptance of all types of Service Dogs
  • Encourage those with diabetes, autism, multiple sclerosis or other conditions to consider the possibility of using a Service Dog
  • Pass protective legislation for Service Dogs
  • Assist with disaster relief efforts in accordance with the PETS Act of 2006
  • Provide objective data for political and media support
  • University research and school projects
  • Animal rights advocacy groups

Who may participate?
Any individual who uses a dog to help with a disability may participate.

  • Owners who have used a dog all their life
  • Those who are just now in the process of training their dog
Even if you have registered with another organization we encourage you to still participate in this census by registering for free at the United States Service Dog Registry. Please note that registering your Service Dog with this or any other registry is not required by law to receive ADA protection.

Service Dogs can be trained to help with many different types of conditions including arthritis, ataxia (poor balance), autism, blindness, deafness, diabetes, cardio/pulmonary disease, cerebral palsy, physical mobility issues, multiple sclerosis (M.S.), psychiatric disabilities, seizure disorders (epilepsy), spina bifida, spinal cord/head trauma or stroke. Please note that therapy dogs and other types of working dogs are not Service Dogs and can not participate in the census.
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We're looking for funding!
This Census Project is a grassroots effort, which, in plain english means we have a lot of heart but we don't have much money. If you think you are able to help us find a replacement funding source please contact us.
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